Bait-Tool 150 S

Baitroller with two adjustable rollers
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Bait-Tool 150 S

Two separately adjustable motors ensure a perfect ratio between the two rollers.

You can set the gear ratio of the rolls so, that the result is a perfectly round bait.

If the speed of the rolls is set correctly, the sausage diameter and the dough consistency are correct, this machine produces round boilies from all mixes, the result is perfect.

Example for adjustable gear ratio:

If the boilies are not exactly round, the gear ratio between the two rolls is usually set too "aggressive". The rolling time of the sausage between the rollers is too short then. Adjust the gear ratio of the rollers to each other slightly. The dough sausage will rotate more often between the rollers and the baits will be round.

Do you roll difficult dough, dry dough or do you use many big particles in your mixes? No problem. Change the gear ratio of the rollers to get you back to a comfortable working speed.

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Item weight: 50,00 kg
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