full automatic baitrollers

full automated baitroller
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full automated baitrollers

The production of fully automated baitrollers has long been one of our greatest strengths. Many boilie manufacturers worldwide already use these machines for their productions and do not want to do without them anymore. These systems cut the dough-sausages to an adjustable length and feeds the rollers automatically with the sausages. The rollers makes perfectly round boilies. It's a fully automated process that eliminates the need for manual labor to roll the balls. With such a machine you can achieve an output of more than 500 kg per hour with a bait size of 20mm. Some boilie manufacturers even reach up to 600 kg per hour.  As for all our machines we also offer rollers for all boilie sizes from 08-40mm. Other boilie sizes are also available on request. For price information, we are at your disposal. The price for such a special designed machine always depends on the requirement of the customer.